I am Samuli, I like building different types of software. Currently I am focused on full stack Web development, but have occasionally also visited game development and reverse engineering. In 2020 I graduated with MSc in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki. I wrote my Master's thesis about different anti-cheat solutions for video games and in my Bachelor's thesis I explored malware reverse engineering methodologies. I am currently working as a full stack developer for Sanoma and based in Helsinki, Finland. As of now, I work mostly with React and Node.js.

My interest in software development started from early age as I spent most of my free time playing different types of games. Massively multiplayer online games such as Runescape and World of Warcraft quickly keened my interest due to their large scale online worlds.

Me and my friends liked to play around on our local World of Warcraft private server which at the time prompted me to learn C++ so I can build and improve things such as NPC scripts. This was my first array into software development. Later on the interest expanded to different thing such as Web development.

Besides programming, my interests include biology, more specifically genetics and epigenetics, and their relationship to different diseases. I am also interested in learning new languages, and have spent time in China learning Chinese.